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2nd set of ointb doodles! the first one is over here.

and since some of you guys asked, i put up a print over on s6 of all of them!

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I’m not kidding. Thanks to this post I am able to kinda communicate in English

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where is their Oscar

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Anti-Fifa Graffiti In Brazil:

Brazilians are angry. Their government for is spending millions of dollars on an eight-week, World Cup event. They are angry that the money is desperately needed for education, sanitisation, hospitals and the eradication of violence, drugs and weapons from their streets.

"F*** FIFA" graffiti is appearing all over the city and just goes to show what the residents really think of the international sporting extravagance. Powerful.


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Serendipity saying it how it is

(Dogma, 1999)

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Jose Duran #TBT with Omahyra and Patricia Mota

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Bless you, sir, and your beautiful family too.

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‎Yes, please boycott Oreo for their support of Gay Rights. We’ll all appreciate you going on a diet. While you’re at it, please also throw away your iPod, iPhone, and iPad since Apple supports as well. Hopefully you have lots of clothes, because you’ll need to ditch your Levi’s and Nike’s too. Perhaps you bought them at … JC Penney’s or Sears? Sucks you’ll have to take them back … or actually, anything you wear from anywhere probably had a gay involved. Flying somewhere soon? Better not be on American, Delta, Southwest, or United…you’ll need a new ticket. Airline wasn’t mentioned? Just be sure your jet isn’t Boeing made. Don’t sleep at Marriott or Hilton (or any of their family brands) because you might catch the gay they support. That morning coffee from Starbucks will have to go as well, go ahead it replace it with a McCafe…oh wait, McDonald’s supports gay rights too. Hmm, do you clean with Tide, Gain, or Bounty? Use Duracell batteries, shave with Gillette, or use Fixodent? Brush with Crest, use Pantene, Scope, Tampax, Venus, or Old Spice products? Those are all gone too, stupid Proctor & Gamble supporting the gays. Damn, you’re using Internet Explorer or Crome to see Facebook and read this status? Download something else, Microsoft and Google show their Pride as well. Ah, but your drinks are safe. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Budweiser are on your side … if your side is on the right side of history since all three also support Gay Rights. Hopefully, you or your lawyer will never need in-depth research. Both LexisNexis and Westlaw, who together control the market, support Gay Rights. Drive that big, manly, Ford F350? It’s a “Friend of Dorothy” too, as it’s company Ford and General Motors also support the rights of all. So, do us all a favor, don’t take it all out on a festive cookie … just stay home and boycott everything.








Just mind blowing

Holy shit

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Body Language Secrets Everyone Must Know
by Aldis Kalnins 

WOW. This is AMAZING! As an individual on the spectrum, I don’t see these things easily at all. THANK YOU to whoever made this! It’s fantastic.

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Dominican Beauty

Photographer: Alejandro Brito

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Always reblog.

i reblog this every time. Every damn time. In my mind it’s right up there with the “Love Jones” gifs.

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